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Shahid turns DJ!

Shahid Kapoor

New Delhi, Jan. 16 -- Shahid Kapoor is well-known for his dancing skills, but not many know of his love for DJing. A while back, it was reported that the actor carries his own set of audio speakers whenever he goes for a party.

Apparently, at a bash hosted by Shah Rukh Khan last year, Shahid even took over from the DJ and manned the console. And now, it seems that the actor has taken his passion to a new height. During his recent holiday in Los Angeles, US, Shahid went club-hopping and enthralled the party goers with his DJing skills.    

"The actor had gone there to celebrate New Year's Eve with his friends. During his week-long trip, he went club hopping to various clubs in the city and was seen mixing songs at the console at the club parties," says a source.    

Not only did the actor get behind the console, he also interacted with many DJs there to get new perspectives on the skill of mixing tracks. "He spoke to them about music and got to hear new remixes," adds the source.    

Shahid's spokesperson confirms the news saying, "Shahid has often been seen behind the console at parties. He is very fond of music and even while he was in LA recently, he was interacting with DJ's and briefly managing music."