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Shahid turns advisor to dad!

Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, June 28 -- Veteran actor Pankaj Kapur might have been in the industry for over three decades, but he admits that he turns to son, Shahid Kapoor for advice on professional matters these days.    

He says, "I am not a very outgoing person, so I may not know the outside world.    I get most of my information from Shahid. And lately, I have also started seeking professional advice from him, which means I talk to him about films."    

The three-time National Award-winning actor-director feels that when you reach a certain age, you need to listen to youngsters to understand their perspective. "Earlier, I wouldn't speak about my work to anyone. Once in a while, with Supriya (Pathak; wife) perhaps. But now, I do ask Shahid about a few things because there is a certain way I have been working for the past 40 years [that might not work in current times]," says the actor.    

He jokingly adds, "Shahid is at the heart of things as far as professional working is concerned and he passes off the maximum amount of information to me. Mostly it's a pleasure and sometimes it's annoying."