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Shahid Kapoor's ode to his mentor!

Shahid Kapoor


New Delhi, April 6 -- Actor Shahid Kapoor's dance moves are often enough to get anyone grooving, and the latest addition to this has been choreographer Shiamak Davar, his mentor.

The actor was practicing for a stage show recently, when he pulled Shiamak on the stage, and performed an impromptu jig with him.

"While he was preparing for the show, Shahid heard some songs which he had first choreographed with the help of Shiamak while he was training under him. Hearing these songs, he pulled Shiamak up on the stage and the two started dancing together," says a source, who was present during the rehearsals.

Our source further adds that both Shahid and Shiamak could be seen having fun while they danced together.

"Since Shiamak and Shahid share a relationship that goes way back in time, it was a moment of pure joy to see them dancing. Both of them had their dancing chemistry just right. It seemed like they thoroughly enjoyed dancing together, even though it was only for a brief time," says the source adding, "Everyone else in the auditorium went crazy and started applauding their little show. It was quite a sight."