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Shahid Kapoor: Touched by the Bard!

Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, Aug. 14 -- Shahid Kapoor is surprised to see fans from countries like France, Russia and Turkey writing to him about his films and even showing interest in the fact that his upcoming release is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

"Shakespeare has been a huge part of my life. My father (actor Pankaj Kapur) swears by him, and he has done Shakespearean plays when he studied at the National School of Drama. He considers him the greatest writer ever, and even jokes that perhaps, in his last life, he was Shakespeare (sic)," says Shahid.

Since he too was exposed to the Bard's work at a young age, Shahid hopes his film will offer the audience a new experience.

He says, "I'm not surprised that people from different countries, who speak different languages, are connecting with the film. Shakespeare is beyond boundaries." Shahid is also amazed by the love that Bollywood actors get from various parts of the world.

"I have always felt that when I travel abroad, people are extremely expressive about what they feel. They are excited, and they show a lot of love and support," he says, adding, "It also has to do with the fact that one doesn't tend to interact with fans from different countries too often - people who probably don't even understand our language and culture, and yet love our films. I am still surprised by how varied the audience for Indian films are."