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Shahid Kapoor skips Haider success bash..

Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

As Haider received 5 awards at the National awards, each of them well-deserved, there was one more award which needed to go towards someone who really, really, really deserved it: Shahid Kapoor. Despire a shockingly amazing performance in Haider, Shahid didn’t win the Best Actor award…

Shahid tweets: “And Haider wins 5 at the national awards . So so so happy . Every one of them so well deserved . Proud . Big grin .” But somewhere, he seems a little upset. Why do we say so?

Well, firstly because he totally deserved it! And secondly, he was missing at the Haider success party. The whole team was celebrating at Villa 69 in Mumbai. But Sasha, who managed to steal the thunder from actors like Key Key Menon and Tabu, was not present. And he was in town (Yes, we spotted him outside his house. We even have a picture!). So, he deliberately skipped the event…

It’s quite disappointing, this whole thing. But anyway, the rest of the team had a ball! After all, it takes a team to make a film what it is!