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Shahid Kapoor plays Santa!

Shahid Kapoor

Mumbai, Dec. 25 -- It's been a long time coming, but with R... Rajkumar, Shahid Kapoor has had his first hit film in a while. And with the actor in a happy mood, on Christmas Eve, we asked him to celebrate with a group of really young fans from the NGO Pratham. And he readily agreed.    

Shahid spent time with the kids, taught them steps to his latest song, 'Saree ke fall sa', which they quickly picked up, and then danced with them. Next, it was time for an informal question-and-answer session. The children posed a few tricky ones too, like 'Why haven't you gotten married till now?' and 'Why have you grown such a long beard?'    

Left slightly speechless at first, the actor quickly recovered to reply, "Mujhe abhi tak koi ladki mili hi nahi. Aap hi dhoond do kisi ko (I haven't found a girl yet. Why don't you find one for me?)." Later, he cut a Santa Claus-shaped cake with the kids and even fed it to them. He then handed out gifts and happily posed with them in front of a Christmas tree.    

Shahid - who spent a lot of his early years in Delhi - told us, "While I was growing up, I always looked forward to Christmas. Even now, it gets me excited like a child. This year, I'm really happy to have celebrated the festival with kids from the NGO. It's a noble cause. I just had to say 'yes'."    

This was part of HT's 'You Read They Learn' initiative, a year-round programme to help educate underprivileged children in Mumbai and surrounding areas. For each new subscription, HT sets aside 5 paise every day towards the effort to educate underprivileged children. Pratham is one of the partner NGOs for the programme.