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Shahid Kapoor gets mom's vote!

Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, Oct. 2 -- Even before it hits theatres, Shahid Kapoor is already being praised for his upcoming film. But, arguably, the most special compliment has come from his mother - Neelima Azeem - who seldom comments on his performances.

Azeem, who watched the film a couple of days ago, feels that this is her son's best performance till date. "She was short of words to explain how much she loved Shahid in the role. She gave him a warm hug after the screening," says an insider.

When contacted, Azeem tells us, "Shahid has carried the film on his shoulders. With Haider, he has delved deep in the role and emerged as a multi-layered actor. He is not 'Shahid Kapoor' in even one scene. I am extremely proud of him, not just as his mother, but also as an actress."

The film, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet - a story that focuses on the relationship between a son and his mother. Azeem adds, "What sets a great actor apart from his colleagues are his unique and extraordinary choices. And with this film, Shahid has made the correct choice."