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Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi bump into each other!

Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha bumped into each other at the BMW’s new sub-brand “i” launch. And you may have thought it would have been awkward… But hell no!

Check out these photographs and you’ll see how rocking they still are when together! The two clearly seem to be having a ball…

There were so many rumours floating around in B-Town about them being romantically involved after their film R… Rajkumar, but then things didn’t seem to work out, and we suddenly stopped seeing them together. They never admitted either, like almost every Bollywood couple.

But aren’t these pictures totally awesome??? So glad that there are people who know how to put their past behind and have some fun in life!

By the way, have y’all noticed how irresistibly hot Shahid has been looking lately? His new hairdo is out of the world, and his dressing has touched the epitome of fashion. We are in awe…

Sona, on the other hand, lost the plot somewhere that day. She wore a green Gauri & Nainika gown that definitely didn’t flatter her body. Though we love the golden pointy stilettos!

Guess who really, really sizzled that night (and she’s really been sizzling a lot lately). Our very own queen, who we now can call the queen of fashion, Kangana Ranaut in her black Dolce & Gabbana gown. Her crazy curls were looking so wild even tied up! And her make-up? Flawless!

Oo lala…