Shahid Kapoor
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Shahid to finally go bald!

Shahid Kapoor

Mumbai, Jan. 25 -- For some time now, there have been reports about Shahid Kapoor going bald for Vishal Bhardwaj's next, Haider. Since then, those who know the actor have been wondering how he will take the step, since he loves his hair.

Now, Shahid is finally ready to shave his head today (January 25), and it's giving him jitters.    A source close to the actor reveals, "Shahid is very particular about his hair. When the look for his character was described to him, he contemplated the idea. Finally, he's decided to go ahead with the look, and he will go bald today. It's been one of the most difficult decisions he's had to make."    

Shahd is known to be particular about his hair, always putting time and effort into styling it well. Even though he will do whatever is required for the role, he's upset about having to go bald. Ask him about it and he admits, "I'm very nervous. It was a tough decision for me."