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Shahid feels sad about Alia working with other actors

Shahid Kapoor

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Actor Shahid Kapoor seems to have gelled along quite well with Alia Bhatt while shooting for Shaandaar and maybe that’s the reason he’s sad about her working with other actors. The duo, who will be seen together in back to back movies have been making news for their sizzling on-screen chemistry. After Shaandaar, they will be seen together in Udta Punjab.

“Shaandaar is a relevant film in our career, which Alia and I often discuss about. The kind of films that I’m doing – my last film Haider or Shaandaar now or our next film together, Udta Punjab. After that Alia is doing other films and I’m doing other films and I’m very sad that she’s working without me, but it’s okay,” said Shahid at a press conference.

Shahid’s upcoming flick ‘Shaandaar’ is slated to release next week and the actors are keeping busy in promotions. Shahid and Alia’s ‘Udta Punjab’, which also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh will be released next year. However, the release dates have not yet been announced.    

Talking about Shaandaar, Shahid stated “The genre of a quirky love story, romantic comedy in a fairytale-ish world. We perhaps might not get the opportunity to do such a genre for the next 1-2 years.”

“It is the only film we are doing in this genre, that’s the reason it is very close to our hearts, and we really want the film to be liked and loved by the people because as actors, we’ll do different genres and different kind of films, and different kind of characters. So this is a very important opportunity for us, and I hope it turns out to be the best film that me and her have done in this genre, because after that every person has their own careers.”