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Ruskin roots for Shahid!

Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, Oct. 3 -- Author Ruskin Bond needs no introduction. The 80-year-old still dreams of writing books, and doesn't seem to ever run out of story ideas. In a recent interview to Brunch, Hindustan Times' Sunday magazine, he was asked who he'd like to see play Rusty on screen if a biopic was ever made on him. He had said, "As a grown mature man: Anupam Kher. A young one: Shahid Kapoor."

Naturally, Shahid is elated. A source close to the actor reveals, "The fact that he is playing a character in the Indian adaption of William Shakespeare's Hamlet has caught the attention of many. And when Shahid heard Bond's declaration, he was more than delighted. He is a fan of the author's work as well as of his famous character, Rusty. Shahid was honoured by Bond's thoughts, and would love to play this character, if it was ever offered to him."

When contacted, the actor's spokesperson confirms the news, and adds, "Shahid was overwhelmed when he heard about what Bond had said. For him, it is an honour to be chosen by such a veteran writer. Shahid would like to thank him for considering him to play such a wellknown character."