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OMG: Shahid Kapoor gifts Mira Rajput an engagement ring!

Shahid Kapoor


When the news about Shahid Kapoor getting married came out of no where, people were shocked and girls were heart-broken!
Every since, the focus has been on “who is the girl?” So little is known about the girl, and any news about the two immediately becomes “hot scoop”.

So, the latest news is that Shahid put on a ring on his fiancé a few days ago during their low-key roka. And guess what! The ring is worth Rs. 23 lakh!
Now, how can you keep something like that low-key? Apparently the ring was custom-made, keeping Mira’s taste in mind! He had chosen it himself, long before the roka! Isn’t that adorable?

Anyway, the roka happened at Mira’s Chattarpur Farms residence on May 16th. The wedding date could be either June 6 or June 10!