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Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput were introduced by their fathers, and ever since then (since 34-year old actor asked for her number), they’ve been in touch.

Earlier, Shahid had told the media that his father is not looking for a girl for him, and is only making religious trips.

He also said that he would find a girl of his choice and not his father’s. Well, it seems that their choice was quite the same! What a strange, beautiful coincidence!

Mira is completing her BA Honors in English, and is apparently only 23 years old, some even say she’s just 20!

So how did they decide to get married despite the age difference and the whole arrange marriage concept? We did hear that Mira was a little hesitant about the age gap. But it was their mental, emotional and spiritual compatibility is what really made this happen! And some help from Mira’s elder sister, and Shahid’s persistence.

Apparently, Mira was romantically involved with another guy for around 2 years, but honestly, that’s none of our business!

The marriage is supposed to take place in December this year. Well, why not? She’s gorgeous, and also extremely smart and hard-working! Post all these glamorous link ups, it looks like Shahid has finally found love in a non-glamorous, simple, real life way. And somewhere, that says a lot about Shahid Kapoor. Hats off, you handsome boy!