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Jab Shahid and Saif met!

Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

The two very charming men were asked to share a vanity as they were short of a van, and they graciously agreed to do so. Of course, there was awkwardness, but both of them handled the situation very well, without any fuss.

In fact, the production guys were asked to ensure that the two would not bump into each other. Now that’s a lot of effort put into keeping it comfortable for both the Bollywood heartthrobs!

When Sasha saw Saifu near the van, he immediately took a U-turn and went backstage again. Only after he was told that Saif had vacated the van, did he get in the van.

The whole situation could have easily gone out of hand, especially because Saif has been replaced by Shahid for Mr. Chaalu. But there were no ego clashes what-so-ever.  

There is one thing we can definitely say about this eventful scene. Kareena certainly has good taste!