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Introducing DJ Shahid!


Mumbai, April 4 -- He's an actor and a dancer, but not many know that Shahid Kapoor is a music enthusiast too. The actor has been stepping behind the console at parties and, now, he has set up DJ equipment at home, where he plans to learn the craft.    

A source close to Shahid reveals, "He has been playing DJ at some of his friend's parties, but now he is keen to do it in a thorough manner. Shahid has stationed the console in his living room. These days, he spends all his free time mixing music and trying several variations.

Before getting his console, Shahid extensively read about the equipment and the software. He was planning to buy it for a while, but his work commitments delayed it."  

It seems the actor regularly updates his music collection too. The source says, "On one of his recent vacations, Shahid met various international DJs and chatted with them about new songs, music genres, festivals etc. He often connects with people and talks to them about music. He is always on the lookout for new songs and has downloaded many music apps to stay updated about international sound tracks."    

When contacted, Shahid's spokesperson confirmed the news.

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