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A Bali wedding for Shahid and Mira?

Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

The young and handsome actor and his fiancé have chosen a destination wedding: the beautiful, spiritual Bali! Or so they say…

There is also confusion about when the wedding is going to happen. While some say it’s still December, others say that the wedding has been postponed to June.

There are lots of birdies flying over their heads right now, and one of them exclusively revealed: “It is going to be a destination wedding for Shahid and Mira. Discussions in the families are on and most probably it’s going to be Bali where the couple will exchange the vows. It’s not going to be a grand affair. Only relatives and their close friends will be invited for the wedding.”

Clearly, it doesn’t need to be grand to be beautiful and romantic!