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Akshay is all praise for Shahid's dancing!

Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

Though Shahid Kapoor’s Haider won a huge amount of awards for several things, he didn’t win the Best Actor award for the 62nd National Film Awards. Some even felt that he was snubbed… But that doesn’t stop anyone from appreciating Shahid’s talent!

Here is what Akshay Kumar, who is extremely impressed with Shahid, has to say about him and his dancing.

“I think Shahid is a better dancer than most actors, including me. He is very good. He looks like someone who has learnt dancing, and he knows what he is doing when he is dancing. You can tell that his feet have rhythm and his body knows where it is going and what he is doing. And if you watch his films, you will find that the way he danced earlier is different from what he is doing now. It is not the same steps or dance form.”

“When you see Shahid dancing, you can see that it looks like he is not doing stuff he is comfortable with, or that he must be used to doing. He pushes himself and lets his choreographers lead him wherever they want to take him. He is a proper dancer who has learnt the art from a very young age and knows his stuff. As in, he can actually tell the difference between samba or salsa. Me? I am doing the same thing I was doing a decade ago.”