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SRK's 'reading between the lines'

Shah Rukh Khan


Mumbai, June 26 -- Shah Rukh Khan underwent a procedure to correct his vision a few days ago. The actor used prescription glasses for myopia (short sightedness) and got a laser surgery done on June 23 and took to Twitter to announce it.

A source reveals, "He will have to rest his eyes for 10 days or so. Though he can do everything as usual, it would be best if he did not watch too much TV or work on the computer for prolonged hours."

The actor has been a regular patient at Dr Burjor Banaji's clinic in south Mumbai. On June 23, he tweeted, "At the moment of vision, the eyes see nothing. William Golding (sic)". The next day, SRK thanked his doctor by tweeting, "

A big thank you to Dr. Burjor Banaji & his lovely wife for doing my surgery. It's so good, that now I can read even between the lines." He even made a joke about not needing glasses, and wrote, "...Now that I don't need glasses I will drink straight from the bottle (sic)."