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SRK: We three Khans are friends!

Shah Rukh Khan


Mumbai, July 2 -- For over two decades now, Shah Rukh Khan has enthralled audiences with his films. As the Bollywood star completes 23 years in the industry, we catch up with the Tag Heuer brand ambassador about his life and times, and more.

You have completed 23 years in Bollywood. Do you ever look back at the years gone by?

They have gone by very fast, but I have never looked back. Whenever I see some pictures on Twitter, I am like, 'Oh, I have done this and that.' I revive some memories that way. But essentially, I have never been dwelled on what I have already done.

As a worker, the ideology should be not to look back at your achievements or failures. Instead, you should focus on what you are doing now. I think anyone who is resting on his or her laurels or failures is wasting time. some days may be better, others may not be so good. But since I don't look back, I have no comparisons to make. I am not someone who is in love with his own work.

Nowadays, many in the industry are talking about the 'clash' between Salman's next and your Eid release.

I find talks like these really boring. And I think even Salman and Aamir feel the same. There should be an acceptance that three of us have been working for a long time now. Thank you very much. We all do well in our respective films and fields. Thank you very much. We all three are different people. Thank you very much. And we all three are friends. Thank you very much. Now, beyond that, if anyone wants to talk about a clash, or underhand matters, we have never done it. We don't talk about the clashes of our films; it's a producer's job, and it's very clear. If they want to have a film called Sultan release alongside Raees, God bless them both. Salman and I have no issues.

But will the clash of such big films be good for the industry as a whole?

At the end of the day, what might happen is maybe Salman and I, personally - despite our producers telling us otherwise - say, 'Chalo, Salman, you promote Raees, and I will promote Sultan.' We have been here too long. Even when I tweeted the Bajrangi Bhaijaan poster, I was like, 'Salman what are you doing? Let me do it (tweet the picture).' He hasn't sent me a message to thank me or something. We have been in this business too long, and have seen too much. We are around 50-year olds, and are still playing heroes. God has been very kind to us. The last three people to be unkind to each other would be Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman. We have no reasons to be ungraceful. Only someone new to the industry, or someone who has been failing for years, may get cynical about things. We three meet each other and chat a lot, but till date, our conversations have never been about our work.

You recently tweeted one of your pictures with Kajol from the sets of your next. The photo went viral...

Everyone was so positive about it. I had shown the picture to Kajol, and she also felt good about it. I want to thank everyone including the media, who have talked about us in such a nice way. Anyway, there's nothing bad to talk about me and Kajol. But to talk with so much love is very encouraging. And I guess as you grow older, you realise that such an encouragement is very important. Now, we will try our best to make our film look nice.

Do you think these stories of films clashing are overrated?

Nowadays, people talk so much about clashes, it looks like everything is about that only. Adi (film-maker Aditya Chopra) is doing Fan with me, and Sultan with Salman. He came over to play games with me and my kids the other night. So, where is the clash? Two of my best friends, Salman and Adi, are releasing their films on Eid next year. It's a good time for a release. And it's not like they have backstabbed me. It's like Christmas, when all the toy companies come out with their products. But we never say, "Now, there is a clash between Furby and the Rabbit." (smiles) We are way beyond all this. But you never know; we might have discussions when it comes to film releases. I might tell Adi, "You move your film ahead by a couple of weeks"; or he might ask me for the same thing.

With so many commitments on your plate, how do you make time for AbRam?

Sometimes, I call him to my sets. He is awake only for six hours in the day. Besides, I don't do anything else apart from shooting. I finish filming, and I go home. Some days, if I am working nights, my days are free. It's not like I have to normally go to the office or attend meetings. For example, during day shoots, if I am required after 1pm, I take him along with me.

You have been Tag Heuer's brand ambassador for over a decade now. How has the association been?

For me, it's very personal. I always wanted to own a Tag Heuer. And the association has been very nice - to get an opportunity like this, to get free watches, go to places that I have never been to (smiles). We are like family now. Over the years, they have realised that to take seat in the heart of India - and they aren't competing with other brands that are cheaper - they have to provide quality at a reasonable price. Now, with Ranbir (Kapoor, actor) on board, they are trying to work out sustainable pricing for Indians, which is a fantastic move.

The brand's new campaign is #DontCrackUnderPressure. Have you been under a lot of pressure of late due to non-stop work?

Shooting doesn't put me under pressure. I like it. For me, filming is a way of breathing. Other things, such as business meetings, can be pressurising. But yes, I have been working a lot; and of course, I wanted to [work more]. But my injury, which wasted time, and then the rains, have accentuated the delay marginally. A little bit of the scheduling has gone haywire. But I am happy to say that I have still managed quite well. I am just two days behind schedule. As far as work is concerned, it has been 18-20 hours a day. Although people have been complaining, I have just had no time to go anywhere. It gets very tiring and hectic. But this is what I was born to do.