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SRK parts with his cellphone!

Shah Rukh Khan


New Delhi, Sept. 19 -- Producer Aditya Chopra is known to be extra vigilant when it comes to the content of his film. He makes sure that nothing from the film or the shoot is leaked. This time around, for his upcoming film with Shah Rukh Khan, the producer has gone a step further and has asked even the actor to part with his cellphone while on the sets.

A source close to the project reveals, "The film has generated some buzz and because the shooting has just begun, people are keen to know the details. The film is being shot at a suburban studio and Aditya has made a rule of not carrying phones to the sets."

Everyone who enters the set in the morning has to keep their phones outside, near the registration desk. They can only retrieve phones in the evening once the shoot wraps up. The source says, "Even SRK, who is inseparable from his phone, has to, as a mandate, keep his phone with the security. All the phones or any other equipment that can shoot videos and images, are kept in a safe. In fact, a special 'Do not touch' label has been put on SRK's phone." When contacted, the spokesperson for the film confirmed the news.