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SRK: 'AbRam is very beautiful'

Shah Rukh Khan


Mumbai, Aug. 8 -- Although he is often spotted with his children, Aryan (17) and Suhana (14), Shah Rukh Khan is very private when it comes to his youngest son, one-year-old AbRam. SRK explains that he's still uncomfortable with the idea of bringing him out in public, and hates the pressure to do so.

"I was a little disappointed with the way everybody spoke about him. The case... it's very unfortunate (last year, a city lawyer filed a case against the actor and his wife, Gauri, for allegedly determining the gender of their surrogate child before birth)... I find it wrong... I just feel very strange that a child, who is not well, is being talked about even before he's declared fully fit. [But] some nonsensical idiots continue to do so," he says.

Ask him why he is not ready to take AbRam out yet, and he says, "My wife tells me, 'It's okay. You go out with him.' But I feel awkward. I'm sure he will grow up one day and go out of the house, and someone will take a picture of him. He's very beautiful. Mashallah!" Meanwhile, SRK wishes his elder son, Aryan, took after him. SRK says, "Aryan does not look like me at all. I wish he looked like me. But Suhana and AbRam look like me. I think Aryan's gait is like mine.