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SRK: AbRam has learnt two words..

Shah Rukh Khan


New Delhi, April 13 -- It seems that actor Shah Rukh Khan's cricket team, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), have found their youngest fan in SRK's two-year-oldtw son, AbRam.

The little one was seen with the 49-year-old actor at a recent match. "He really enjoyed watching the match, I was really surprised. We thought he would go to sleep so we had fixed a little table behind but he was awake throughout and he was up till 2am," SRK shared during a recent visit to the Capital, and added, "He has learnt two new words, 'yeah' and 'KKR'."

The doting father also cleared the air about launching his elder son, Aryan, 13, with the Bollywood remake of the Hollywood film Boyhood. "I think that the Boyhood remake was actually a 1st April joke which started on the social networks. I don't know how I would do the film with my son because Boyhood was made when the kid was much younger," he said.

However, SRK feels that his children should finish their education before they get into any profession. "My children are too young to decide on becoming actors and it's unfortunate that I have to explain it. They have to study, they have to finish their studies first, and I am very clear about it. They themselves are very clear about it," he said.

Last year, SRK was the second richest actor in the world, however Khan says that he still doesn't believe that list. "First, I am not too sure if I am the second richest actor in the world," he said and shared an interesting piece of information about his financial status at the time when the list was published.

"I was in the last schedule of Happy New Year (2014) and I got a call from my producers that we don't have a rupee to go ahead with the shooting of the film. So I just told them, 'can you keep some function or something that I can go and dance at ... a show or an awards night so that I can get some money and continue with the shoot', and right after that when I was in my car ... I read on Twitter that I am the second richest actor in the world. (laughs) ... Yet I am extremely wealthy because so many people love me ... about the wealth bit I ask my CAs if it is really true," he said.