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SLAM! de Tour is not promotion for Happy New Year: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan


As information came in that Shah Rukh Khan, along with the cast of his upcoming project -- Happy New Year -- will go on a tour in September, the immediate conjecture was that this is purely a strategy to promote the film.  

However, SRK says that it isn’t meant to be a promotional gimmick, and it doesn’t just include his film’s cast: "I haven’t done a world tour for 10 years, and just been reloading Temptations [a previous tour]… [This time] You have to have eight artistes because that’s how it’s designed. Fortunately, in this film, we have seven, and Farah [Khan], so it becomes eight… But as we go along, if some of them drop [out], because everybody is busy, I’ll get other artistes."

Called SLAM! The Tour, it will start in USA, visiting cities such as Houston, New Jersey, Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver and San Jose.

Shah Rukh adds that the primary objective isn’t to make money: “There’s no moneymaking in this for the actors, and they’re being very kind about it. We go in the evening and perform for two hours, and I’d like to keep it short and nice. And it’s not just about the film, but [will be] a different kind of a show."

The actor says that, after the US, he will take it to the UK. Makes us wonder if he plans to bring it to India? "Hopefully, I’ll be able to create a production value which I then intend to bring to India," he says.