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Shahrukh Khan's nude revelation..!

Shah Rukh Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Despite Shahrukh’s comment on Aamir’s going nude for PK, that went something like: “Isse talent mat kaho yaar,” he ended up confessing that he would go naked in 2015.

Now relax, you guys, this is just an attention-seeking statement, or just another dig at Aamir’s very successful PK that beat Happy New Year way too easily. Shahrukh cleared that he’s just joking. He isn’t stripping for any film! All he meant was, he went bare-chested, again, this time for Dabboo Ratnani Calendar shoot. Looks like Shahrukh really cannot get over his own abs.

Here’s an exclusive video of behind the scenes happenings where SRK talks about his body, again. And his “nude” jokes. He also says to Dabboo: “Nobody shoots a body like you do. Knowing how shy and inadequate I am to show off my physique, you have made my body look so good. Thank you for the bare body shot. Next year maybe we’ll go fully naked! We’ll try that (pauses)….No I’m joking! I am not trying that with you also.”

Well, from the amount of times he’s showed off his abs, it really doesn’t look like he’s shy. Yes, his abs are pretty hot, but we’re kind of bored now!

In fact, Shahrukh’s next film, which is an animation based on new age graphic novel Atharva-The Origin, he plays a warrior with ripped muscles. Yawn.