Shah Rukh Khan
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Shahrukh Khan finally grows up post his 49th birthday?

Shah Rukh Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Yes! The King of Bollywood has expressed his desire to work with Aamir Khan if the script is good!

The Aamir-Shahrukh war history is famous across the nation. So what could have inspired SRK to wish for working with Aamir? Could it be that he has finally grown up and decided to put his ego and their differences aside? Or is this yet another manipulative route to put down Aamir by taking over his share of success?

What makes us doubt his intentions is that SRK also mentioned that he would love to do be part of Dhoom 4. Dhoom 3’s success resulted YRF in talks with Aamir to be part of the next Dhoom film again! Looks like that doesn’t go down too well with King Khan!

Now, next we know is that Aamir would like to work in Don 3!