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Shah Rukh Khan turned teary-eyed for KKR

Shah Rukh Khan

Actor Shah Rukh Khan got all nostalgic and teary-eyed while seeing the raw footage of a documentary film made on his IPL team — Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).

“It looks very nice ... I got emotional ... It made me cry. I want to thank my team KKR and everyone ­associated with it. It is not a PR or marketing tool. We had a great learning experience. I am glad we made an interesting journey for people,” the 48-year-old actor said after seeing the film’s  footage. KKR, which had a poor start and then a bad first couple of seasons at the Indian Premier League, went on to win the fifth edition of the tournament.

“I think winning does matter. It does make a difference, it makes you feel stronger,” SRK said about the team’s journey to the top, adding, “If you win, a documentary will be made on you. So I would say one must go and win.”

Asked about the ­lessons the team learned, SRK said, “The lesson throughout their entire journey was to stick to your goals and dreams, and to work hard.”

The documentary has the actor’s voice and he talks about his love for Kolkata, his equation with Sourav Ganguly — the first captain of the team, and other players. Asked about his future plans for the team, he said, “I want to make my team stronger and more passionate. We will never sell the team; it goes up and down with us. The players are like our children and now that we have won, we are all the more happy.”