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Shah Rukh Khan to miss Fifa final due to shooting schedule

Shah Rukh Khan


Actor Shah Rukh Khan, who calls himself a footballer at heart, is watching all the World Cup matches. However, he’ll miss watching the final game, live in Brazil. In a free-wheeling chat, the 48-year-old also talks about why he didn’t buy a team in the football league in India, and what he did on Father’s Day, this year.

Are you getting to watch World Cup matches amid your tight schedule?
I do nothing else ... I love football. I have a passion for the game. My son plays it very well, my daughter is the football captain of her school team, and I play football too. I am a footballer at heart. These days, I go to office during the day, edit the film I’m working on, shoot a little. At 8.30 (pm) I go and workout and then I’m in front of the television. I watch the first match of the day during my workout.

Are you going to Brazil to catch the final live from the stadium?
I was supposed to go. I had booked the tickets four years ago, but I can’t. I have to finish the work of my film because it is due for release in October. (There are) Lots of VFX (special effects) and small bits and pieces left, so we are shooting every day. There are six actors in the film, so I make myself available too. I’ll be shooting during the finals, but we would have big screens put up where we are shooting.

Why didn’t you take up the Kolkata franchise of the football super league?
To be really honest, I didn’t buy a football team because  I wasn’t getting Kolkata. I really wanted it. When we looked at the opportunity we realised that we will get Pune or Bombay (Mumbai) or some other city ... Kolkata was already bid for. We could have matched it or whatever… I don’t know the nitty-gritty … but I kind of realised that it’s not going to be Kolkata. I felt it’s okay if we are not, and Sourav (Ganguly) is doing it. My heart is with Kolkata. I wish them (owners) all the best. They are all friends.

Did you do anything special for AbRam on this Father’s Day?
This was my second Father’s Day with him. He was born on May 27 last year. I went and spent some time with him this year ... he was in Delhi with his grandparents. I am extremely lucky to have three children, yaar. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my kids, talking to them, studying with them. My work is actually very public … it’s unrelenting and it’s also very fragile. I think the force that keeps me together is the time I spend with them. I feel happy that all of them look like me in some way (laughs).

Any special gift for AbRam?
They (my children) have to give me a gift on Father’s Day (laughs). I will take a gift from AbRam when he is seven years old. This year, I gave him a little walker and the IPL Cup, he sat on it.