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Shah Rukh Khan gets involved!


Mumbai, July 21 -- After Shah Rukh Khan delivered a hit last Eid (with Chennai Express), he seems to be taking his Diwali release this year rather seriously.

The actor, who will be seen in Farah Khan's upcoming film, has been actively involved in its post-production. "Since he has partnered with Farah after seven years, he wants to make sure the film shapes up well," reveals an insider. The last time they worked together was on Om Shanti Om in 2007. With the film's post-production work underway, Shah Rukh has regularly been seen discussing ideas with Farah.     

"He has been sharing his views on all the major developments. Although Farah takes the final decisions, she makes sure she considers Shah Rukh's opinion too," adds the insider.

When contacted, Farah says, "I have been going to Shah Rukh's office every day to supervise the trailer, editing and VFX. I am there from 12 pm to 8 pm, or however long it takes. This process will go on till the movie releases. Postproduction is an important part [of film-making], and we are making sure we give it our best."

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