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Shah Rukh gives pep talk!

Shah Rukh Khan


Mumbai, Jan. 17 -- While Shah Rukh Khan is known for enthralling the audience with his onstage performances at awards shows, he is also known for encouraging young, new talent. At an event held recently in the city, SRK was supposed to perform a skit with TV actor Mohsin Khan. However, ahead of their act, Shah Rukh apparently invited Mohsin to his vanity van as the latter was feeling nervous about sharing the stage with the Bollywood star.

"I was surprised when he called me to his vanity van to meet me before our performance. That was very generous of him. I am a big fan of his and would have got star-struck on stage had I not met him before the act," says Mohsin.

Apart from calming the TV actor down, Shah Rukh also had a brief rehearsal with him. "We had a casual conversation and we also rehearsed the skit for about 30 minutes. It was great. I became so comfortable with him that we also came up with impromptu dialogues during the final act," says the young actor.

Apparently, Shah Rukh praised Mohsin for his performance and also congratulated him on his new show. "Our performance went really well. I felt confident on stage because of SRK. He also admired my work and wished me luck for my upcoming TV show," he says.