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Shah Rukh on Dilwale-Bajirao Mastani clash..

Shah Rukh Khan

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Box office clashes have always been major; especially if it involves the release of two very highly anticipated movies or features big stars in both.

It is even better when both are combined and that is exactly the case for the movies, “Dilwale” and “Bajirao Mastani”. Both the movies are highly anticipated and each features the biggest faces of Bollywood, the most famous of the actors between the two movies being Shah Rukh Khan from “Dilwale” and Deepika Padukone from “Bajirao Mastani”.

The clash has been much talked about as both releases on the 18th of December this year as a pre Christmas release. However, it has been even more stressed on because of the equation that Shah Rukh and Deepika are known to share.

She looks up to him as a mentor and a good friend and pays him as much respect as she can for he is a senior and he loves her back, being a teacher and a good adviser/ friend to her. They have often been asked about the clash and if that were to change things between them and both have shaken all such questions off with the best replies.

While Deepika was said to have asked Shah Rukh to postpone his film, which she shook off as a thing she could never do because of all the reasons above.

When asked about to this Shah Rukh more directly, he reasoned that about 200 movies release each year with 1/4th number of Fridays. It is but obvious that movies need to be squeezed in and such clashes will happen, but that he expects each to do really well!

“Dilwale” also features Kajol and “Bajirao Mastani” features Priyanka Chopra even.