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No party for SRK!


Mumbai, July 29 -- Shah Rukh Khan is known to celebrate Eid in an elaborate manner. Last year, he threw a grand party to celebrate the festival as well as the success of his film, Chennai Express. But this time, he will not be hosting a party at his Bandra home, the reason being that he is busy with his upcoming film, director Farah Khan's next.

"He has a hectic schedule these days. The promo of the film is supposed to release soon and there is a lot of work to be done before that," says the source.

Recently, it was reported that the actor is spending most of his time supervising the editing of the film and discussing other various aspects, such as marketing.

"SRK is teaming up with Farah after seven years (their last film together was Om Shanti Om in 2007). They are burning the midnight oil to ensure the film's success," says the source. When contacted, Shah Rukh remained unavailable for comment, but his spokesperson confirmed the development .

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