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It's a happy new year for The Viral Fever Qtiyapa as well!

Shah Rukh Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

While promoting films on TV shows has been a long, tried and tested method to gain audience attention and entertain them, Shahrukh Khan takes this to an all-new level, or should we say platform? The “Happy New Year” star has bee spotted in a viral online video series called Qtiyapa.

Qtiyapa is a very popular series of videos online by The Viral Fever that’s full of hilarious crap. Literally. It does complete justice to its title, and the team has done such a good job at Qtiyapa that it’s gained fame, virality and a large number of audience watching and sharing the videos online. The show is a “talk show” with the very rude host Arnub *cough*, who only screams and doesn’t let anyone talk. The videos target particular topics and make fun of them, with lots of ragging and slapstick humour, hitting the right spot every time.

The latest video has got the team ragging SRK out of his mind! And that’s a sight to watch, as King Khan is known to be one of the wittiest King of Comebacks as well. The Bollywood king humorously plays along and promotes his latest film in a brand new way. We saw it, and we love it!