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Interior design trends that Gauri Khan loves..


Mumbai, Sept. 25 -- She is not just actor Shah Rukh Khan's wife. Gauri Khan is a successful entrepreneur, interior designer, furniture designer and film producer. For her, curating spaces is a passion turned profession.

Her flagship store, Gauri Khan Designs (GKD), showcases her design approach rather than a retail opportunity. She has her hands full as GKD is set to launch a home collection line of Ralph Lauren homes in Mumbai in 2017. Khan has tied up with some of the top museums and art galleries around the world, and recently showcased her collection, Turned Wood on Brass, at the world's most premium design fair MAISON&OBJET in Paris (France).

What are the top decor trends this season?

I don't believe in trends and fads. Design is a very personal thing. However, I see the emerging trend towards brass and warm gold tones gathering pace. Copper and bronze hues continue to be popular.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. My inspiration comes from travelling to different locations. But the idea is to give clients the freedom to express themselves through their homes.

Out of all your entrepreneurial ventures - fashion, interiors and film production - which one is the most interesting?

Work is about finding something you really love to do. When you like what you're doing, it doesn't feel like a chore; it energises you. I love every bit of it.