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Gauri Khan: 'My biggest gift to SRK is space'

Shah Rukh Khan

New Delhi, March 3 -- Perception delineates Gauri as the wife of the country's superstar Shah Rukh Khan, but beyond the glamour lies a strong woman of substance. After a brief inspection of her new design store in Mumbai, we drove down to Mannat for a chat.  

What took you so long to step out on your own?    I was like, 'okay, I'm done partying, I have looked after my kids (Aryan and Suhana), I have done up my homes (in Mumbai, Dubai and London), now what should I do?' I started feeling suffocated. But, I also understood that nothing comes before or after it is due. I must admit that I was always scared to venture out on my own because I have an issue of getting bored of things.    

Not many people know you, the real Gauri Khan. How will you describe yourself?  

I'm comfortable in my own skin and surroundings. I don't think I get overshadowed by my husband or his personality. I have a stronger personality than Shah Rukh. I don't consider him a superstar when I'm with him in the house. He's just my husband and I respect him as that.    

How difficult or easy has it been to be the wife of Shah Rukh Khan?    

I've had an exciting, fulfilling and complete life. I don't think I could have married someone in Delhi and lived there. It would have been a dull and boring life. Every marriage goes through its ups and downs but that's part of the growth.    

How is Shah Rukh reacting to this new, busy you?    

He's happy that I am doing something constructive, that I'm out and travelling for work, which I do once a month and then I'm back with my family. Usually, I'm home by 6 pm. And when he comes home, he always finds me there.    

Do you have a secret recipe for a successful marriage?    

I'm in no place to share tips as every marriage has its personal challenges. One has to face them to beat them. But it's important to keep yourself occupied all the time. Don't sit idle at home. If both of you are busy, it makes life much easier and you don't get into each other's space. Your life shouldn't depend on his schedules. Else you'll be stuck.  

Is Shah Rukh dependent on you?    I think, emotionally he is.    And what about you?    (Laughs) I don't think so. I'm not dependent on anyone. I'm very independent.  

How much do Shah Rukh's controversies affect you?    I've never bothered about what others think of me or my family. It doesn't matter, because I know what I and my loved ones are doing. However, since the last three years I have been so busy with my own things ... Had I been sitting at home idly I think I'd have gone mad.