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Does SRK need to watch his back?

Shah Rukh Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

While Shahrukh Khan is busy trying to steel Amir Khan’s thunder by saying things like he would love to be part of the next Dhoom film, rumours have it that his very own “Don 3” may go on floors without him!

And how do we know? Well, through him, thanks to Twitter! Shahrukh tweets: “Don 3 is supposedly on!?Issues being discussed on Twitter I hav no clue about. Casting of Raees done! Why isn’t anyone informing me Ha ha.”

Well, we aren’t really sure if he really finds this funny. But it does look like Don producer Ritesh Sidhwani has caught the taunt and clarified: “How can I do Don without Don? SRK is Don and Don is SRK.”

That’s comforting, but we guess SRK does need to watch his back before trying to do Team Don to Team Dhoom stunts!