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Aryan Khan, the ladies man, is a hit on Twitter!

Looks like Aryan Khan is already popular among girls in London, where he's currently studying. The teenager's selfie with two girls kissing him on both his cheeks has gone viral on web. He does have SRK's charms, we feel.

SRK was recently in London to spend time with his son.

“Dropped son for school. I feel so proud of him that I feel proud of me. Song on radio u gonna miss me when I am gone,” tweeted SRK.

The actor was rather sad when his holiday with son wrapped up. "Mega pool session with the boys. It's fun to be madly teenaged. No Wuckin' Forries. Will miss my son & his friends. Hate when holidays end."

SRK's worries
SRK might be proud of his son, but sometime back he had posted his worries about him on his Facebook page. "Is it normal to feel, my son won't be able to handle himself at a party and I should be there disguised as a fly on the wall to look after him."

"Sometimes I spend a big chunk of the day sorting out non issues because I make them so big in my head. Does it happen to everyone...???" he added. (sic)

Hope SRK doesn't think too much about this pic!

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