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Social work is a product of my background: Shabana

Shabana Azmi


Mumbai, Aug. 27 -- Actor and former member of Parliament Shabana Azmi was in a jovial mood when we caught up with her recently. The actor was last seen in Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013), so we asked her what she is working on next, and if there is any particular role that she is looking forward to, to which she says, "Well, if something like that happens, then I will catch hold of my husband (Javed Akhtar) who is a screenplay writer and my children Farhan and Zoya, who are directors, and pull them by their ears and say... 'yeh banao mere liye (make this for me).'"

She adds, "It's true that I do look forward to good roles in film but no, there is no particular role as such." We asked the 63-year-old actor what drives her to be a part of all the social activities and she says, "It's a product of my background. I grew up in a family that believes art should be used as an instrument to bring about a social change. My parents were involved in cultural and social issues and that has always been an inspiration," she says.