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Sarah-Jane Dias: Newcomer turns music mentor..

Sarah Jane Dias


Mumbai, April 17 -- Sarah-Jane Dias, who launched her single earlier this year, now wants to mentor aspiring musicians. A source close to the actor-turned-singer says that Sarah has decided to share her musical experiences and learning in the form of a syllabus.

"She is working on customising a course for students of various music schools. The curriculum will deal with the ways to create independent music, to write a song, to come up with an idea by taking inspiration from your own life, etc.," says the source.

Sarah, who made her debut as a musician in 2012, is also planning to launch her two new songs after the success of her debut single.

When contacted, she said, "As an artiste, it is always important to share your experiences with others. I have been fortunate to have worked with amazing people in my career so far. When the idea of customising a course based on my experience in music came up, I found it fascinating. I'm looking forward to working on this with music schools."