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Saif Ali Khan on producing a film for Sara Ali Khan..


Actor Saif Ali Khan is “ super proud” and “super excited” about his daughter Sara Ali Khan’s debut in the upcoming film Kedarnath. 
The actor, however, says that he would have loved to launch his daughter through his production house, but feels his emotions as a father would have stopped him from giving his daughter the perfect launch pad.
“The other day she asked me, ‘why don’t you make a movie under Illuminati films (his production house)’? I would have loved to launch her, and I would have been extremely proud to do that. But I think I would want everything to be perfect, and would have accepted nothing less. That would have been such a big responsibility that I would have stopped working,” he says. “Plus I am not really a producer and it’s not my main area of expertise, so these things are best left for people like Karan Johar, I believe,” he adds.
The 47-year-old has been a producer since 2009, but after Happy Ending’s (2014) poor performance at the box office, he hasn’t produced any films. Saif doesn’t think he is “the right guy” for the job for many reasons. “I tried my hand at producing, but I can’t do it myself. I need a partner to help me around. I don’t want to do it all alone. I’d love to make some decisions as a producer, but not the complete job. I’d like someone to help,” he says.
Another reason why production is not on his mind is because he doesn’t want to “ run around” — something his recently released film Kaalakaandi’s producer Ashi Dua did when the makers refused to accept the changes suggested by Censor Board.
“Situations like these is also one of the many reasons why I don’t want to be a producer. I don’t want to do the running around. I mean I’d rather be an actor. Who is going to stand in these lines and do all of this? Ashi Dua has been amazing, and she has been really hard working . She made sure the film got the proper release, but I don’t see myself doing something like that,” he explains adding that he wants to have a “balanced” life style.
“You know when I think, I think whatever I have is great for me. As an individual, you are looking to get the right balance. I am thinking — as a human being what do I want? I want to spend time with my family. I want to travel. I love spending time with nature — wherever it maybe, in Delhi, or Switzerland or anywhere. So basically it’s just finding the right kind of balance, and right now I have all that. I am not thinking about becoming a producer,” he adds.