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Mumbai: Rains chaalu, shooting bandh!

Sanjay Gupta


New Delhi, June 22 -- Showbiz is wading through deep waters these days. Thanks to the non-stop downpours in Mumbai, film and television sets are waterlogged, shoot schedules are all topsy-turvy, and date jumbles have left both production units and actors scratching their heads.

Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta, who is shooting his Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-starrer Jazbaa, tweeted recently that he had to cancel the shoot due to heavy rains.

"Mumbai monsoon chalu aur aaj apni shooting bandh. First day of our second last schedule of Jazbaa cancelled ... shoot resumes tomorrow if rain Gods permit," he wrote.

Actor Richa Chadha got stuck on flooded roads and had to walk all the way to the sets of her film Chalk and Duster. "I had to leave the car and walk on the divider to reach the location of my set. Even the junior artists reached late ... so yes our archaic drainage system is causing delay in film shoots," she says.

Shah Rukh Khan, too, shared similar woes a few days ago, when bad weather got the better of his film Raees. "Feel awful the whole of Raees team fighting against rain & time ... damn!" wrote the star.

Bollywood film shoots are not the only ones getting affected. The filming of television show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera was also cancelled due to excessive rain. "It has been raining continuously and it's very difficult to shoot outdoor scenes in such weather. We had to shoot the sequence of Ratan's (played by Sneha Wagh) death sequence outdoors, which was very tough. Our shoot was cancelled due to the rains. It is impossible to reach the sets on time," says lead actor Shivin Narang, adding, "Now, we will have to put in extra time to make up for these lost days."

Rahul Dholakia, who managed to rescue his directorial Raees well in time, has a word of advice for all production teams: "It is very important to make arrangements in advance. It is not surprising that it is raining in June and we all know how rains in Mumbai are - they start suddenly and never stop. So, we planned ahead such that even if we had to stop the shoot, the delay wouldn't be much."