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Film-maker Sanjay Gupta turns author

Sanjay Gupta

Mumbai, Nov. 18 -- Film-maker Sanjay Gupta made his love for short stories clear when he decided to produce the anthology movie, Dus Kahaniyaan, in 2008. Comprising 10 short films, of which he directed five, the movie was touted to be the first of its kind back then.

And now, his adoration of the format has led him to explore the world of literature. If everything goes as per plan, Gupta will have successfully published a book - a compilation of 11 short stories - by next year. "I've finished writing the first three (stories) and, to be honest, I am enjoying the process," says the director.

He adds, "My cinema is essentially dark, but I am moving away from that space now. I am making my films brighter. So this (the book) is the obvious platform for me to get all those dark stories out of my system. I still want to tell those stories and I want to do it fearlessly. And that's a luxury you do not have when you're writing for the screen."     

Gupta also confirms that he is in talks with "a major publishing house" that he has worked with in the past to launch this currently-untitled book.     

Ask him if he is planning to bring these stories alive on the big screen with a movie in the future, and he laughs, saying, "Certainly not... these stories are extremely dark and graphic, and would find it impossible to make it through our censors."