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When Sanjay Dutt's dedication surprised his crew!


Mumbai, Sept. 23 -- The crew of Sanjay Dutt's latest release, Bhoomi, were in for a surprise while shooting the film's climax scene in the ravines of the Chambal Valley. 
According to a source, some portions of the scene required Sanjay to have a muddy face and blood stained lips and a special make-up artist was hired for the shoot. 
But due to some delays, the make-up artist couldn't reach the sets on the stipulated day and Omung Kumar, the director decided to postpone the shoot. However, Sanjay insisted on shooting the scene on the same day.
A source reveals, "There was a lot of mud where these scenes were being shot. So when the make-up artist didn't turn up, Sanjay promptly went down on his knees and, to everyone's surprise, started rubbing his face in the mud. The unit was shocked that Sanjay would go to such lengths to get the right look. He got up with his face covered in mud and looked at Omung and said, "I think we are ready to roll." This is the look that was also featured in one of the Bhoomi posters."
Omung, on the other hand, was only too pleased with Sanjay's dedication and was ecstatic when the shot turned out better than expected.
Produced by T-Series and Legend Studios, Bhoomi released yesterday worldwide.