Sanjay Dutt
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Sanjay Dutt's new regimen!


Mumbai, Dec. 3 -- Sanjay Dutt is known for his love for fitness and has always sported a muscular look.

The actor is now apparently following a specific workout routine that he sketched out during his time in jail as part of his workout.

"Sanjay follows his new workout regimen religiously. He doesn't miss his sessions even for a single day and spends about two hours at the gym at his residence in Bandra (W)," says a source.

The source said that during his time at Yerwada jail in Pune, Sanjay learned to stay fit by adopting a unique kind of exercise.

"As the actor had no access to a gym, he started using trash buckets full of water as dumb-bells. The actor used to fill the containers to the brim with water and would do lifts," says the source. Currently, the actor employs a mix of conventional gym and the free-hand exercises as part of his daily workout regimen, the source added.

Sanjay could not be reached for a comment, but his spokesperson confirmed the news.