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Sanjay Dutt wants to move ailing wife

Sanjay Dutt

Actor Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manyata was recently admitted to a city hospital, where she is undergoing pre-surgery medical tests. However, since the hospital is in Parel and has strict rules against children visiting, it is quite difficult for Sanjay to travel from his suburban residence in Bandra. A source close to the actor reveals that he wants to move Manyata to a hospital closer home so that he can visit her and spend time with his children, Shahraan and Iqra as well.

“Global Hospital, where Manyata is admitted, doesn’t allow children below 10 to visit. It’s becoming difficult for Sanjay to shuttle between home and hospital and spend-ing time with his family. So he is now planning to shift Manyata to Lilavati Hospital as it would be easy for him to commute,” says the source.

The source also says that moving Manyata to the Bandra hospital will make it easier for the three-year-old kids to visit regularly too. “The children keep insisting on meeting their mother, so Sanjay thought that if they could visit her regularly Manyata would be happy,” says the source.

Reportedly, Sanjay has been spending time alone in the hospital and none of his friends from the industry have visited him. But members of the Dutt family have been around to give him moral support.

Meanwhile, a media report suggested that Manyata has been detected with tuber-culosis, but the source rubbishes that as speculation. “She has lung congestion for which she is undergoing treatment. There are other ailments related to it, but not tuberculosis,” says the source.