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Anand Kumar: 'Akhil is the next Sanjay Dutt'

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Mumbai, Sept. 10 -- Akhil Kapur is set to make his Bollywood debut in director Anand Kumar's next, Desi Kattey. The debutant shares screen space with Ashutosh Rana, who plays his mentor in the film.

The director reveals that he did not have to do a retake for any of their scenes. "I don't remember if I needed a retake for any of Akhil and Ashutosh's scenes. Akhil is a great talent, and I can say that he is the next Sanjay Dutt. He has the same intensity as Dutt. He doesn't look like a debutant on screen, and it felt like working with an experienced actor," says producer-director Anand.

While Kumar is all praises for Akhil, the actor returns the compliment saying, "Anand has always made larger-than-life films. He has a great quality to portray his actors well on screen. In the film, I'm looking good because he picturised the scenes superbly. I've seen some scenes, and they have come out so well. If people appreciate my performance, Anand should also be credited," says Akhil adding, "Ashutosh also helped me a lot during the entire process. I can say that he is now my real life mentor as well."