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Why did Salman Khan walk out of Shhuddhi?

Salman Khan

By Tulsi, News Network

Though we are more than happy to see Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt rock the silver screen once again, it did come as a shocker to everyone when Salman Khan took Twitter to announce that he is not going to be a part of Karan Johar’s Shhuddi, and even congratulated Varun Dhawan on taking it up.

So why did he walk out of the project anyway? After all, he seemed so kicked about it!

Apparently the decision was made long ago, but he hadn’t officially announced it till KJo found a replacement.

Nobody knows the real reason yet, but there are a few rumors and guesses going around…

Some believe that Salman is extremely offended by the AIB Roast, where jokes were made about his younger and very much loved sister Arpita Khan. And since Karan was a part of the show, Salman was pretty upset with him and so decided to walk out of the film.

Another guess is that the film requires 180 days, and Salman Khan was not willing to commit to such bulk dates! It is said that he even felt that he could finish three films in that much time, and thus the actor and KJo parted ways amicably.

Well, we seriously hope it’s the second reason! Because, no one messes with Sallu Bhai!