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Salman Khan

New Delhi, Oct. 26 -- Actor Salman Khan is known for being human, among other things. And he has lived up to this reputation yet again! The actor has decided to foot medical bills of the background dancer, Vinay Rajput, who is undergoing treatment for kidney ailment. The cost is said to be about R1.5 lakhs per week.     

Following closely in the magnanimous steps, actor Shah Rukh Khan too had decided to put a light man's five-year-old daughter in school, since the father couldn't afford the fees.  Well, that's not all! These glitterati have gone extra mile in the past few months to help their own staff. Actor Neetu Chandra is one such name. The story goes that the maid had to almost cancel her daughter's wedding, since she couldn't afford the shaadi. When Neetu heard about it, she chipped in with money and gifts.     

Actor Suniel Shetty has earned praises for sponsoring the medical treatment of his home guard's daughter, without being asked for it. When Anna got to know that the 12-year-old daughter of his guard needed urgent medical care for a brain-related ailment, he funded her entire treatment at a private Mumbai hospital.    

Talking about spreading cheer in the staff quarters, the big hearted Salman Khan has promised his personal bodyguard Shera to launch latter's son in the film industry.