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Special invite for Salman!

Salman Khan


Mumbai, March 16 -- In India, where Bollywood is of great importance, several restaurants have one or two dishes named after their favourite stars.

But recently, five fans of Salman Khan took their admiration for the actor to another level when they opened a restaurant dedicated to him. And now, if sources are to be believed, the 49-year-old might just drop by the place in the coming days.

A source close to Salman says, "The restaurant opened recently and caught the fancy of a few of Salman's close friends, who have visited the place. It has a lot of Salman's favourite dishes, and the different sections have been modelled on his movies such as Partner (2007), Dabangg (2010), Ready (2011), etc."

Now, since the actor is in town, there are rumours that he is thinking of checking out the place himself. "When Salman got to know of this, he was a bit confused as to why would anyone want to do this. But his friends have been raving about the place, and have even asked him to check it out," says the source, adding, "He has been travelling a lot of late for his professional commitments, but currently, he is in the city to shoot for his commercials and work on some other assignments. He will hopefully visit the place soon."

Salman remained unavailable for a comment.