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Sohail Khan: Those who took sides are in a fix now!

Salman Khan

Mumbai, Feb. 7 -- Back in 2008, they were involved in possibly the most-talkedabout fight in Bollywood. Of late, however, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan's relationship is seemingly starting to thaw.

Last month, the two 'warring' superstars hugged for the second time at an awards show (in 2013, too, they had embraced each other at an Iftar party) besides indulging in a warm conversation.    

Interestingly though, even as SRK and Salman move forward, the latter's younger brother, Sohail reveals that this patch-up has left many people in a quandary.

"Whoever tried to choose a particular 'side' or 'camp' at that time (when the two fought), I don't know where they are today. Unko dar lagta hai ki abhi woh kya kare... woh yahan, wahan bhaagte hai (they are afraid about what they should do now... they are in a fix)," says Sohail.  

Calling the infamous incident "just an argument between two friends", the actor-director adds that "now, whenever and wherever they bump into each other, they are respectful towards one another." He further adds, "Touch wood, they have started exchanging pleasantries. And anyway, why would anybody want to encourage the negativity? In fact, the rest of us fight t a lot more but it never gets noticed."    

According to Sohail, the spat is an "old story" y" now. "But even today, whenever something happens between other r people, it's said that a fight has happened between two stars the way Shah Rukh and Salman n fought (sic). They are such big stars that they havee to be extremely careful at each and every step," says ays the 43-year-old adding that his wife, Seema Khan and SRK's wife, Gauri have been friends for years.

"So I have a very decent and polite e relationship with Shah Rukh bhai. And that should always be the case," says ys Sohail.