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Siblings to the rescue for Bollywood stars!

Salman Khan

Whether it’s finding good scripts, sharing styling tips or handling their careers, a number of star kids are seeking the advice of their siblings and following them too. “It’s not about me being successful or unsuccessful... this industry is a place that can make you feel insecure. So it’s good to have somebody around who doesn’t judge you,” said Kangana Ranaut, about her sister Rangoli — who manages her professional work.

Alia and Shaheen Bhatt
The Student Of The Year (2012) actor turns to her elder sister for matters pertaining to her professional and personal life. The 20-year-old admits that she discusses (film offers and scripts) a lot” with Shaheen. “She is the only one I share everything with. Whatever happens on the sets every day, my experiences, I share them all with her. I’m closest to Shaheen…she is my emotional anchor (sic),” Alia has said in the past.

Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan
He has acted in a few films like Mela (2000) with brother Aamir. But Faisal Khan has mostly been away from the limelight. A few days ago, Aamir disclosed to us that Faisal has been helping him with scripts. In fact, the actor has zeroed in on a script that he will direct (after Taare Zameen Par; 2007), thanks to his brother. “The script that Faisal found is beautiful,” says Aamir. Interestingly, the Khan brothers had heard the narration of Dhoom:3 together and the latter felt that his brother should do the film.

Sonam and Rhea Kapoor
Since the start of Sonam’s career, Rhea has played an instrumental role in the way the actor is styled. “I think I express myself a lot through styling Sonam because she is like my muse in a lot of ways,” Rhea has stated in an interview. Rhea – along with her girl gang comprising stylists Tanya Ghavri and designer Shehla Khan is responsible for Sonam’s almost-perfect look.

Kangana and Rangoli Ranaut
Kangana’s older sister, Rangoli, is the go-to person if you can’t reach the actor at any point. As her manager, Rangoli has been responsible for the way Kangana’s career has shaped up. The actor couldn’t agree more herself. “It’s nice to have your family around. My sister works with me. She handles my work, manages everything and I only act,” Kangana said.

Salman Khan and Alvira Agnihotri
Alvira has been involved with Being Human since its inception. While their dad Salim looks into the healthcare division, Alvira is responsible for brands, raising funds for the company and their many projects. “The whole family is involved because we all come up with ideas about how to generate more money,” Alvira said in an interview.